Moments in Time by Jason Hunt

Most truths are found in the many shades of gray.

Headshot of artist Jason Hunt in Orlando, Florida.

Meet Jason Hunt…

My graphite pencil drawings are called ‘Moments in Time’. For 58 years I’ve drawn from life’s experiences of innocence, loss, inspiration, love, and the many beliefs we embrace throughout life. Seems memories often become a tapestry of our many bits of pleasure and scraps of pain. My graphite pencil drawings are in black and white because I’ve come to believe that most truths are found in the many shades of gray. I draw what I love about this world and what is possible for us in relationship to one another. I’m passionate about depicting the beautiful everyday moments and also our inevitable bouts with madness and pain.

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Jason Hunt… From the Heart

Jason Hunt is guest on an Orlando television arts show ‘From the HeART’
Jason shares his passion for drawing as he expresses how he works and why art is important in our lives. Jason takes us back to his childhood days when he discovered his talent, Charles Dickens, and his love of art. Watch the interview to hear Jason’s thoughts on life, love, and art.

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